Saturday, December 16, 2006

Reading Comprehension

Fast food is good for you. Not only is fast food delicious, it is also nutritional. Fast food contains many of the nutrients all human beings require to lead active, healthy lives. Some fast food also contains vitamins, and everybody knows how important vitamins are.

Fast food comes in many forms. The most common kinds of fast food are hamburgers and hot dogs, but there are many other varieties. Fish and chips has been popular in England for centuries, and now Americans too are enjoying this wonderful, nutritional delicacy. If we take a little time to examine the history of fast food we can learn a lot about many different cultures. For instance, did you know that a Chinaman invented pizza?

There are many people who feel that fast food is not good for you. They have a right to their opinions, because America is a free country, but they are wrong. They are wrong because fast food is good for you.

1. A good title for this passage would be:

a) America, Land of the Free
b) Foods of the World
c) The Truth About Pizza
d) Eating Sensibly

2. The main idea of this passage is:

a) Fast food is good for you
b) Vitamins are important
c) Free speech is an important right which many people abuse
d) You can have your cake and eat it too

3. Fast food contains:

a) Nutrients
b) Vitamins
c) Fish and chips
d) Many different cultures

4. America is a free country because:

a) Ignorant people have the right to their opinions
b) Fast food is good for you
c) Fast food is free
d) Americans can eat other people's food
e) a, b & d

This was originally published in Condensed Book, along with other reading comprehension quizzes. It was, of course, inspired by the educational materials of my Cold War youth.


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