Wednesday, August 06, 2008

News Flash: Gelato Cart at Nino's Positano

I was on a reconnaissance mission to the northeast corner of Second Avenue and 46th Street, to see if the new branch of Ali Baba, the Turkish restaurant to whose pides I written an encomium, had opened yet. I'm on the edge of my proverbial seat waiting for them to launch, as this location is fairly close to my office. They're not quite there yet, but it looks like construction is finished, and through the windows I saw the owner chatting at a table with several other guys. Any day now, I hope.

What I am happy to report is the discovery I made a block and a half up Second Avenue, in front of Nino's Positano, an Italian restaurant I've never tried, but which seems to be fairly popular and well regarded. They had a gelato cart out front. Here I was, still in mourning for the Osteria del Circo cart, and I had found a new gelato cart fairly close to my office. They had about 8-10 flavors of gelati and sorbetti, available in two sizes of cup, at $4 and $6. I had a $4 cup with pistachio and cappuccino crunch. The consistency was perfectly light-creamy true-Italian gelato, and the flavors were fresh-tasting, though they could perhaps have been more vibrant. It's not in the same league as the gelato from Osteria del Circo, but it'll have to do for the time being. I'm hoping they rotate flavors, as I didn't see some of my favorites, like bacio, gianduja, or caramello.

UPDATE 8/11/08 - Ali Baba Terrace, @ 2nd Ave. & 46th St. is now open for business.

Nino's Positano is at 890 Second Avenue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Odd you should have posted about this now. I stopped by there just a couple of days before (hazelnut & coconut) in one of my jaunts through the old neighborhood. I mean to mention it when the subject of the missing Osteria del Circo cart came up, but somehow the conversation sped off elsewhere.

Glad you found it though, and can now satisfy your gelato jones somewhere in east Midtown. I think this is the first summer they've had it out, and it's not bad at all.

Having lived nearby I've eaten at the restaurant, which is nothing special. More a beneficiary of the thin pickings in that UN area than anything else.

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