Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog on Blog

Many thanks to Steve Smith, of Time Out New York, who goes on record as the first blogger to notice Word of Mouth. Steve is a man of exquisite and eclectic musical taste, and his blog about his Night After Night performance attendance can be exhilaratingly exhausting.

In his plug, Steve writes:

"While their respective styles are completely different, listening to Pete talk about food can be like reading Vilaine Fille's prose on the voice -- their qualities of perception and description bring their subjects to life in all their sensual glory. Yum! Dig in."

Now I have to find out about this Vilaine Fille.


Anonymous Steve said...

Thanks for the kind words, Pete - you caught my plug before I could even tell you! Vilaine Fille is the alter ego of Marion Lignana Rosenberg, who writes beautifully about opera for Newsday, Time Out and elsewhere. Her blog is at

12:23 PM  

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