Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What, No Pide? What a Pity!

Ali Baba Terrace, at Second Avenue and 46th Street, opened this week. I've been waiting for months for the debut of this new location, fairly close to my office, of my favorite New York Turkish restaurant. I was sure it would become part of my regular lunch rotation. I'm wild about the pides at the original 34th street branch, and they have great lunch specials too, at $10.95 for a kebab plate and an appetizer.

My bubble was burst at lunch today. Not only doesn't the new location make pides, they don't even bake their own bread. Instead they serve little rolls that are no more Turkish than I am. Even for dips, there's no kind of pita available. No lunch specials either, just the dinner menu. And the dinner entrees are all about $2 0r $3 more expensive than the same items at 34th street. I guess they're trying to milk the U.N. crowd.

Four of us shared five appetizers for lunch. Everything was good, sure, but it was hard to enjoy the food, so great was our disappointment.


Anonymous tourkophagos said...

Ho Hum...Just another gathering spot for Turkish Mongol diplomats at their consular office on the same block.

It's a Turkish Intelligence (MIT) listening hole.

They serve Crappy food here. I ordered the Yopgurtlu was quite disgusting.

5:31 PM  

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