Friday, September 26, 2008

This Post Is Not Postponed

Well, the old maverick has recanted and agreed to attend his own debate, so I might as well go ahead and post this. Now I normally don't pass along press releases, but I kinda liked this one from Zaro's, and I do like their black and white cookies. So, in honor of tonight's presidential debate . . .



Black and White Cookies with Faces of Candidates on Sale at Zaro’s in Grand Central Terminal

Zaro’s Bread Basket in Grand Central Terminal has put some “sweet” into the very contentious 2008 race to the White House. On sale now are black and white cookies with a twist. Each of the faces of the four candidates are baked into the middle and totally edible!!

Joseph Zaro, the co-owner of Zaro’s, which is a New York institution, said using New York’s classic and beloved black and white cookies for this new treat seemed like a good fit.

The cookies are selling extremely well and staff members have been keeping a very informal tally on sales. Zaro said Obama cookies clearly outsell McCain cookies and the Palin cookies are doing very well. He added that some customers are not buying a particular cookie because it represents their candidate of choice. Other potential buyers have said they will purchase cookies if a chart is put up recording the sales for everyone to see.

“One woman bought five Palin cookies, then smudged out her face, broke them up and threw them in the garbage,” said Zaro. “Others buy a candidate’s cookie as a joke for a boss, friend or spouse, who is supporting the opposite party. So any poll we take is less than scientific.”

Zaro’s, a fourth generation family business, bakes all their products in their own baking plant in the Bronx . The cookies are available at two of Zaro’s locations in Grand Central Terminal – Track 34 in the Shuttle Passage and in Grand Central Market. Each cookie is $3.25.


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I was't going to say it. I was hoping you'd say it. But then my resolve crumbled...

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