Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If Only the Crust Were Better

It could have been a great pizza.

I had been meaning to try Peperoncino, a Neapolitan restaurant/pizzeria at the north end of Park Slope for some time.  The restaurant and its pizze had received excellent reviews from Time Out, The Village Voice and New York Magazine.  The toppings on my pizza, the Pulcinella, were a winning blend of mozzarella, fontina, mushrooms and speck (the juniper-cured cousin of prosciutto from the Tyrolean Alto-Adige region of Northern Italy).

But the crust, though receiving accolades from some reviewers, just didn't cut it with me.  I found it both too dry and too heavy.

The disappointing crust was more than compensated for by the opportunity to reconnect with my old college buddy, master luthier Steve Uhrik, after a caesura of thirty years.

72 Fifth Avenue (corner of St. Mark's)


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