Friday, January 01, 2010

My Last Meal of 2009

I left my apartment at 9:30 AM on December 30, earlier than I normally would have for a 1PM international flight, but a man of "faith" once again fucked up my plans by trying to blow up a plane the week before. Twenty hours later I was checking into my hotel in Seoul, on New Year's Eve. My flight was over 13 hours long and the bus ride from the airport over an hour. I needed some comfort food. Korean comfort food.

As I was checking in, I asked the woman at the desk, "Do you know of any good place nearby for for pa jun or mandoo?" Pa jun are Korean pancakes, often stuffed with seafood, which I absolutely love. Mandoo are dumplings.

"I don't know about pa jun," she said, "but there's a famous mandoo place right on the other side of this building."

It's called Myung-In Mandoo, and is in the same complex as the Ibis Hotel in the Myeong-Dong district of Seoul. Since 1976, the sign said. Luckily they had a photo menu with English translations. Actually, for many Korean dishes I'm fine with just Romanization, having eaten so much Korean food in New York.

I ordered fried mandoo, but I figured dumplings alone do not a meal make, so I also ordered oh jing uh dup bap (sauteed squid with spicy sauce and rice).

Both dishes were quite good, and in my quasi-zombie state I was glad to find a decent place right downstairs from my hotel room. Total cost, 8,000 Won ($7).


Blogger Iain said...

Peter, this was a regular haunt of mine for dumplings when i lived in Seoul. I've posted some directions for you on your Chowhound thread for an area of Seoul called Jangchungdong (near Myungdong) specialising in steamed pork belly ("BOSSAM") and trotters if you would like to try an alternative to BBQ samgyeopsal, i would definitely try to fit it in before you leave Seoul if you can!

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