Monday, May 03, 2010

Weird Candy: Lamb Curry Caramel

I have Donna and Masa to thank for this gift from Japan, much easier to share with my coworkers than their previous gift from Japan, paper underwear from a vending machine. The underpants were supposed to be large, but they were closer to my shoe or glove size than my underwear size, Japanese large. "Didn't they have sumo-size," I asked.

These Genghis Khan caramels from Hokkaido were, I was told, lamb curry flavored. And, indeed, they had a pronounced curry flavor mixed with a caramel sweetness, a hint of onion and the slight taste of a meat bullion. It was a novelty, and it was far from foul, but it didn't really speak to me. So I brought them to my office. Few took me up on the offer. "Two weird," more than one said. A couple who did try them said things to the effect of "odd, but not bad." One person, however, bit in and exclaimed, "This is awesome!" He got seconds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,
Next time we'll bring you some plum wine as a souvenir! Donna

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Al said...

What a nice gift. The name "Genghis Khan" is associated with barbecued lamb in Japan. This is due I'm told to the purported habit of Mongol warriors of cooking the meat of sheep atop their heated metal helmets. Lamb is considered an exotic meat in Japan, but "Genghis Khan" restaurants have been particularly popular in the northern climes of Hokkaido since their first appearance back before WWII. There has been renewed popularity of Genghis Khan restaurants throughout the country in recent years, in part driven by the reputed health benefits of lamb consumption, especially for women.

3:23 PM  

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