Saturday, September 11, 2010

Frushi and Pancake Flights in Chicago

Orange ("Contemporary Brunch with a Peel") is a mini-chain of brunch-only restaurants in Chicago, serving 7 days a week in the mornings and afternoons. One of the first things that caught my eye when I checked their website was their pancake flights, a weekly themed selection of four kinds of pancake inspired by the wine flight. Unfortunately, when I ate there last Sunday the theme was chocolate bars. I'm sure that would a-peel to many, but I'm not a big chocolate fan, especially in the morning, and besides, chocolate happens to be a Prilosec-resistant gastric bete noire for me. So instead I chose the orange-rosemary French toast. It was OK, but something was missing--I suspect not enough salt in the bread or eggs; perhaps a bit more orange tartness in the mix would have saved the day.

Much better were the delicious chicken apple sausages.

But what really impressed me was their signature "frushi" (they've trademarked the name), which is, as the name suggests, fruit sushi. I think it's a brilliant, fun concept, and quite reasonably priced. $2.50 will get you an order of two pieces of the week with fruit garnish, and each additional order is $1.50. Last Sunday they featured strawberry with coconut rice and grapefruit atop what I think was a pineapple juice-infused rice.

The French toast misstep notwithstanding, I really liked Orange, and plan to return next time I'm in Chicago. I appreciate a restaurant with inspired whimsy. Did I say whimsy?

Thelma Todd : Oh, Professor, you’re full of whimsy.
Groucho : Can you notice it from there? I’m always that way after I eat radishes.


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