Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Korean Cornbread and Other Street Snacks

The blustery cold, about 15 degrees fahrenheit that night, didn't stymie the street food vendors or the steady stream of customers on a bustling pedestrian-only street across the road from the big Lotte department store in Seoul. That night I dined on snacks.

My favorite was the hot cornbread with a hard-boiled egg in the middle (above).

Skewers of mixed sausage were sold by several vendors. The sausages were on the sweet side, and some consisted of sausage casing with a bit of meat wrapped around a chewy rice cake, sort of a Korean reverse pig in the blanket.

The longest line was for the grilled chicken skewers. I joined the line and had me a Korean kebab.

As I was walking around I kept seeing these tables with dried octopus tentacles and other dried seafood. Finally I picked up one of those paper cups full of dried octopus slices. A woman took it from me and heated the pieces up, I think on a charcoal grill, and returned them to me, warm and smoky. Octopus chips.


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