Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is the ranting waiter legit?

I've included a link to the site Waiter Rant under food links because I really like the way this anonymous New York waiter tells a story. He's a social historian of small things. The site has become quite popular, and he was recently profiled (while retaining his anonymity) in the paper New York Metro. This waiter claims to work in a moderate-upscale New York Italian restaurant, also anonymous, of course.

Waiter's most recent post has caused a mini-crisis of credibility. In his tale of a horny couple rushing off to consummate their just dessert, the waiter crows about getting a $30 tip on a $70 check. This led to one reader questioning the probability of a dinner for two with a bottle of wine, a tiramisu and an espresso at a moderate-upscale New York restaurant costing only $70. I admit that's a stretch. But the waiter writes with great verisimilitude, and if he's not really reporting on a recent shift (the posts do have an up-to-the-minute quality), I suspect the stories at least come from true restaurant experience.

Anyway, fact, fiction, what's the difference?


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