Friday, October 06, 2006

Food for the Ears

I've recently discovered a radio program called Good Food, on KCRW, an L.A. public radio station. I was alerted to the program by Eddie Lin's blog, Deep End Dining. Eddie, always on the lookout for extreme comestibles, is one of my favorite food bloggers. He's also an occasional contributor to Good Food, a weekly, hour-long program. Some of the features are Southern California-oriented, but many are of universal foodie interest. The programs, which air on Saturdays at 11 AM Pacific Time, are archived for streaming audio and also available as podcast downloads.

On a recent Good Food program, Eddie Lin explained that cooked bull's penis* is generally tasteless and pretty rubbery. If you consider that essential knowledge, pay a visit to Deep End Dining.

* Eddie has tried live lobster sashimi, but to my knowledge he has never eaten bull's penis tartare. I'm confident, however, that if such a thing were available in Southern California Eddie would surely bite the bullet.


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