Friday, February 16, 2007

A Day Late, a Reading Short

Well, I missed my reading at City Lights. Due to weather conditions my flight on Wednesday was cancelled, and my rescheduled Thursday morning flight left over 9 hours late. Editor Brandon Stosuy couldn't get out at all, and Eileen Myles and Robert Gluck had to cancel earlier. Brandon had gotten Bay Area writer Kevin Killian to replace Gluck, a great choice. Otherwise, Susan Daitch was the only writer of the five originally announced who made it, but not without her own travel nightmares, including 6 hours on the tarmac on a Jet Blue flight to nowhere, and a total travel time from NYC to Oakland of 25 hours. Happily, Susan tells me, the event went well and there was a great turnout. I'll let y'all know if I reschedule an appearance in the Bay Area.


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