Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Di Fara Closed Indefinitely by DOH

I don't usually post breaking news, but having written about my return to this legendary pizzeria in my old neighborhood I thought this would be of interest to Word of Mouth readers. Eater reports that on the basis of having failed 5 of the past 6 Department of Health inspections, pizza wizard Dom DeMarco has been benched indefinitely.

It was apparent to anybody who ate at Di Fara that it was not the cleanest place, but that's apparently quite an understatement. Eater's post includes the DOH statement with all the gory details.

One wonders whether Dom will make the considerable effort to make amends, or if he'll finally throw in the towel and take a well deserved retirement.


Blogger Sprezzatura said...

Ah, it is the end of (yet another) era.

Brooklyn's worst pizza places still put to shame those down here in DC, where one is hard pressed to find pizza sold by the slice let alone not eaten with a knife and fork.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Bill Smith said...

DiFara's Reopening Online Petition:

As of today, 6/18/07, there are over 175 signatures.

Bill Smith

9:34 AM  

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