Monday, August 20, 2007

Let Someone Else Tell You About What I Ate

I don't write about every meal I eat out, not even every good one. I prefer to write about great meals, interesting meals, and infuriating meals.

8th Avenue Seafood Restaurant, in Sunset Park, is a good, solid Cantonese place. I've had excellent dim sum there on several occasions, and I recently had my first dinner there. It was good and solid, but it doesn't earn the orgasmic kvells that I awarded to Flushing's Imperial Palace.

Dim Sum is a great bet at 8th Avenue Seafood Restaurant because it's easy to get a table, or part of one, even at weekend prime times, perhaps because it's a bit south of the main restaurant drag of 8th Avenue. The clientele is almost exclusively local Chinese.

Anyway, Krista Garcia, one of my fellow diners at the restaurant, has posted a brief review, with photos, on her blog.


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