Sunday, September 13, 2009

Extra! Callous Council Candidate Rudely Interrupts Blogger's Lunch

Stephen Levin Electioneers in Brooklyn Heights

With only two days to go before the hotly contested Democratic primary for the 33rd City Council District, machine-insider Stephen Levin came out to greet voters in Brooklyn Heights on the afternoon of the Brooklyn Book Festival. In a move that could cost him the election, Levin and a female confederate attempted to disrupt the lunch of noted food blogger Peter Cherches.

I was lunching outside at Teresa's, the Polish restaurant on Montague Street, on a break from the book festival. Dayna and I were chatting and chowing on pierogies when candidate Levin and a woman (left in photo) stopped at our table. "I hope we're not interrupting," the woman (who Dayna suspects is the candidate's mother) said. "I know you're eating..."

Dayna and I were both taken aback. "You certainly are interrupting," I said, and Dayna simultaneously said something similar. "You shouldn't bother people when they're trying to eat," I said. "You probably just lost a vote." They slunk away and stood a few yards away from the restaurant.

Actually, I never was intending to vote for Levin. According to an article in the Village Voice, he's apparently a puppet of Brooklyn party boss Vito Lopez, and is likely going to be answerable to a number of vested interests that don't include people like me. The fact that Levin recently landed the endorsement of Chuck Schumer doesn't score any points with me these days either.

Brooklynites, do you want someone representing you who doesn't even respect the sanctity of lunch? It's time we send a clear message that lunch is off limits by voting against Levin in Tuesday's primary. It's a packed field, and there are a number of choices. I haven't made my mind up yet, but I'm leaning toward Ken Diamondstone, who seems the most resolutely progressive of the bunch.

Stephen Levin should heed the words of Waldo Lydecker, Clifton Webb's character in the great film Laura: "You seem to be completely disregarding something more important than your career. . . . My lunch!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you're kidding. Millions of people in many countries would LOVE to have their lunch interrupted in order to participate in the democratic process. But it seems that lunch is more of a priority to you than your political freedoms. Eat up.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"noted food blogger Peter Cherches" haha. OK! Noted by whom?

12:36 PM  
Blogger RosLinda said...

This is really funny -- I can picture you two barely looking up from your food at these poor interlopers!

(from Linda, Dayna's sister and fellow gourmand.)

1:30 PM  

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