Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten Meals, 2006

This is the first installment in my fifth-anniversary series of forty memorable meals from my first four years of blogging. Since I just did my year-end roundup, I'm not going to bother with 2010.

1. The Olive Vine is one of my neighborhood standbys, but what prompted me to write about it was the woman who was mesmerized by my joie de manger.

2. There are now a number of excellent, authentic Sichuan restaurants in Manhattan as well as Queens, but for a time Wu Liang Ye was the standard bearer.

3. The first full-blown restaurant rant I wrote was about the now (thankfully) defunct Raga.

4. Early on I wrote this meditation on the Chinese tortilla phenomenon.

5. Another neighborhood favorite is El Gran Castillo de Jagua, a Dominican rice and beans joint. The food is great, but I really love the fact that it's my neighborhood melting pot.

6. Las Ramblas, in Greenwich Village, is one of my favorite places in New York for tapas.

7. In 2006 I returned to my old neighborhood to try the much vaunted pizza at Di Fara, which was just another good pizzeria, no better, no worse than many, when I was a kid.

8. In 2006 Devi entered my pantheon of great Indian restaurants.

9. In Philadelphia I ate my way through the Reading Terminal Market.

10. My post about Florence's and the subsequent discussion on Chowhound may have brought in diners from well beyond Harlem, but unfortunately it didn't keep this Ghanaian-Ivorian gem from closing a couple of years later.


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