Friday, March 04, 2011

Shootin' at Some Food

It took a while for me to hit my stride as a food photographer, and I'm still happy to use an idiot-proof point-and-shoot. The first obstacle was overcoming my sheepishness over taking photos in restaurants; it really took about a year after I started this blog. Once I got over that, there were the limitations of my camera; I had to use flash for indoor shots, and then try to compensate with software. I upgraded from a Canon A410 to an A590 a couple of years ago, really just the latest version of the same model, but with more megapixels and a much higher maximum ISO speed (1600 vs. 400). So now I'm generally able to shoot in low light without flash. I'll still include far-from-perfect photos to illustrate posts when nothing better is available, but my ratio of good to bad has definitely improved. As part of my five-year retrospective, here's a bunch of photos I'm reasonably happy with, either because the photo is good, or because the food looks good despite the photo, just a potpourri, in roughly chronological order, from breakfast to dessert, from four continents, and without further explanation.


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Did you eat all this ?

Is it a spider ?

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