Monday, January 31, 2011

Now That's a Hotel

After escaping from the dreadful Posada Don Valentino I checked into Hotel Aurora, and what a delight. It's a single storey structure built around a lovely garden courtyard, with spacious, charming, tastefully decorated rooms including a flat-panel TV with an amazing selection of international channels, though I only tuned in to a bit of CNN's coverage of the Egypt crisis. It's in a great location, two blocks off the Parque Central. One quaint service I kind of liked: since there are no phones in the rooms, a wake-up call is a knock on the door. According to The Rough Guide to Guatemala it's Antigua's original hotel, but the writer goes on to say that "it's a little old-fashioned." What's he looking for in this enchanting city of Spanish colonial wonders, the Hilton Garden Inn? Like many (most?) writers, Iain Stewart clearly doesn't know when to shut up. In fact, the hotel's motto is "Hay cosas que el tiempo no cambia..." (there are things that time doesn't change (even if it does bring CNN and WiFi)). I would recommend the Hotel Aurora without hesitation.


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