Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ten Meals, 2009

1. The Blarney Stone: haute cuisine it ain't, and it's a dive, to be sure, but, as an old Horn & Hardart's commercial used to say, "You can't eat atmosphere."

2. I was flabbergasted to discover a spectacular brunch in the culinary wasteland of South Florida.

3. At Jay & Lloyd's deli, in Brooklyn, I had a world-class pastrami sandwich.

4. I had my first taste of Jamon Iberico in London.

5. At Quilon, a Keralan restaurant in London, I had one of the best Indian meals of my life.

6. The food at King Yum may have sucked, but those old-style Chinese restaurant metal plates and lids gave me goose bumps.

7. Finally, a real Hunan restaurant in New York.

8. In Peru I ate guinea pig three ways.

9. Perhaps the most dramatic setting I've ever dined at was by the floodlit ruins of Huaca Pucllana, in Lima.

10. But my best meal of the year was at La Tecla, in Mexico City.


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