Sunday, October 08, 2006

Food for the Eyes

You may have noticed that my Food Links blogroll is fairly short, and not all of the links are to other blogs. In general, the blogs I list are either New York-oriented or deal with culinary curiosa. I've decided to feature only blogs where the writing is thoughtful and professional, the perspective compelling, and the features consistently mouth-watering (well, maybe mouth-drying in a couple of cases). NYC nosh is one of the better New York City restaurant review sites, and I find that the bloggers Nosher and Hungry Man seem to have pretty similar tastes to my own. In addition to the excellent writing, the blog features some really wonderful food photography. I just looked at a bunch of the photos on Flickr (there are 816 of them), and right now my mouth is way wet. Give your eyes a treat and take a look.


Anonymous Nosher said...


Thanks for the very kind compliment.


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