Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Night at Joe's

I had a blast last night singing two of our collaborations from the eighties with Lee Feldman at his Be Lee Festival at Joe's Pub. It was also great to share the stage with a whole mess of fabulous musicians and singer-songwriters, all doing their takes on Lee's music.

I'm generally not happy with photos of myself, but my friend Fred Kendrick did a great job catching us in action.

You can hear scratchy old recordings (not really scratchy) of the two songs we did, "When the Carlsons Become the McBrides" and "Everything Reminds Me of You," at my Soundclick page.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can check out some of the clips I posted on Vimeo for Lee from that night. Still editing the entire show but to date you have about three. Search for JMJPRoductions on Vimeo and you'll see all the Be Lee stuff. BTW,,,,Lee's my Step Brother.
thanks for all the fun

12:00 AM  

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