Monday, September 14, 2009

Lost, Found and Enormous

My latest anthology appearance is in Lost and Found: Stories from New York, edited by Thomas Beller, which was published last month. My contribution, a memoir of Fred & Rudy's candy store, originally appeared on the website Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, but Tom Beller's editorial suggestions make the print version a better piece, I think.

I'm pleased to be in the anthology, and I'd love to read the whole thing, but I have a problem. The book is huge. Even in paperback it's a doorstop, at over 800 pages. I do most of my book reading during my commute, and this, except for its size and weight, would be the ideal subway book, with scores of true tales of the city. Since I don't feel like lugging the monster around, I guess I'll just have to read it piecemeal at home. If I only had a kindle.

Last month Beller and anthology contributor Said Sayrafiezadeh were interviewed about the book on the Brian Lehrer show, though not by Brian. You can listen to the podcast HERE.


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