Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tikal, in the low-lying Peten region of northern Guatemala, is considered by many the jewel in the Mayan crown. It's a vast site with many well-preserved structures in a jungle setting, offering a diverse range of wildlife as a bonus to one's archeological meanderings. The buildings were constructed over a period of about 1300 years. Tikal is pretty remote from the populous heart of Guatemala, much closer to Belize than to Guatemala City. I opted for a flight, costing about $211 round trip, which gets you to Flores, a pleasant island town on a lake, about an hour from the ruins.

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Anonymous Al said...

Lovely pictures of what I found to be a deeply memorable place when I went all those years ago. It looks like they've cleared the site quite a bit more than when I was there, and your trip there sounds a bit more comfortable than my bus ride out of Belize over rutted dirt roads. I must say that I'm growing ever more envious of your ability to travel so much at this point in your life.

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