Thursday, July 30, 2009

Number-Cruncher Nabbed in Sex Sting

This was the headline to a brief article, buried deep in the folds of today's Daily News. I haven't read the article; I just saw the headline as I peeked over the shoulder of my neighbor on the Q train, on my way home from work. I was outraged.

This encroachment into our private lives has gone too far, I thought. What a man does with numbers is his own business. Now I happen to have a math phobia, so personally I find the idea of number-crunching repulsive, but who am I to judge? Let he who is without arcane pecadillos cast the first stone.

Number-crunching seems to me a relatively benign fetish. After all, no humans or animals are hurt in the act. It's certainly more wholesome than bug stomping.

If number-crunchers are targets now, who's next? Proofreaders?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you hiding?


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