Monday, September 28, 2009

Word of Mouth's Yom Kippur Pork Roundup

As a radical Atheist Jew, I feel it's my duty to proselytize pork on Yom Kippur, partly because I love pork, and partly to counter the false importance given to pork in the pantheon of treyf by secular Jews. I know plenty of non-observant Jews who don't eat pork but otherwise don't keep kosher in any way. Somehow, over the years, the mistaken impression has arisen among many secular Jews that of all things non-kosher, pork is the most egregious, the one thing that would compromise their Jewish "identity." Feh. In Kosher law treyf is treyf, there are no real distinctions. I think the porkophobia among secular Jews may be a purely American disease.

I also know plenty of non-observant Jews who work on all Jewish holidays except Yom Kippur, perhaps under the belief that this is the holiest of days, and just in case the idiot bastard vindictive god of the Old Testament is more than a perverse fiction, they'd better hedge their bets and stay home just this one day. Double feh.

Here, then, are some of my favorite porky posts.


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